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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  May 12, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> darya: good morning. >> mark: big story is watching bay area trafficking get to them that if. >> james: wind a big headline take a look at the map sustained winds in the east bay 17 at a mile an hour range places like oakland fairfield and ending concord those are big of resource strongest winds redwood city 17 mi. an hour . half moon bay 20 sustained. so the winds will be a problem for folks once again as they have been so far in the weekend and so far this week. quick look at south bay planner for you next 30 minutes will begin mostly clear looking for a cool start once again temperatures in the low 50s however san jose in the upper '40's chile of there and that's where we warm up. by noontime mid-60's
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closer into the bay in the wind in the south bay. warmup the 69 then as we approach the 3:00 or so max out with temperatures in the low 70's bay area wide. when so at that point will be relatively strong tend 14 sustained winds with gusts up to 23 m.p.h. and another gusty day in the south bay all live look on the embarcadero camera the palm trees already acting to win this morning quick glimpse of temperature san jose is chilly 47 right now and be back with a complete look at the wind highs and the range as on thursday coming up and met. >> george: the morning it's been a hot spot free ride so far around the bay area and that the volume billed as a commute starts to heat up this morning here at the bay bridge toll plaza the drive times have been holding pretty steady 1822 minutes depending on your approach
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that 880 approach as one of the ones that we've seen start to back up even more here right down the center is the cash planes that are wide open in the fast track planes that are. the are we might enter high winds with the wind advisory on the san mateo bridge stop and go traffic for the westbound ride and drive times now spiked 25 to 27 minutes out of hayward and united said before traffic gets this low air really gets hard for sensors to calculate the drive *. he could spend a few minutes longer on the stand. >> george: and the bridge no incentive for the right here or through marin county for 11 softbound. into marin the of the richmond range of perhaps back up the castro street so that puts the drive time at about 12 minutes out of richmond had in the center fell. click look at the east bay we see some slowing in now between
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concord walnut creek and have your traffic right east shore freeway westbound interstate 880. a 31 minute trip time for hercules to berkeley. a longer look at the east bay coming up in the next report. >> mark: at least 42 people are dead and more than one-thousand are injured. we are being told that a number of buildings have collapsed. there have been at least 13 aftershocks reported. the quake was felt 600 miles away in new delhi, india you can see in this video people in the streets. out of buildings. a search and rescue team had already begun searching through the wreckage of the little town. the earthquake this morning comes less than three weeks after a quake devastated large areas of the himalayan nation. the magnitude seven-point- eight quake that hit nepal on april 25th killed more than eight-thousand people.
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the epicenter of the new earthquake was about 50 miles east of kathmandu, the nepalese capital where many the earlier quake. >> darya:we're following breaking news out of santa barbara county. sheriff's deputies say two people have been shot and a third person assaulted at a home near u-c santa barbara. it happened in an area of small apartments in the isla vista neighborhood around 7:15 last night. three men in their early 20's were hospitalized with moderate injuries. deputies found the injured men responding to a report of domestic disturbance. the school says one of the injured men may be a suspect in the attack, and a second person drove away. >> darya:this shooting comes less than two weeks before the one-year anniversary of the isla vista rampage. on may 23rd of last year, elliot rodger killed six people and injured 14 others before killing himself. he stabbed three students to death and fatally shot three others. three of the victims were
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from the bay area. rodger posted a youtube video outlining the attack. saying it was revenge for social rejection. he had a history of mental health issues. >> mark:happening today. a south bay man arrested on 31-year-old mohammad khaliqi is a suspect in two cases. this is surveillance video from the incident last week. police say he attacked a teenager after she walked home from school. in the other case, polce say he followed a 28-year-old woman into a public bathroom and tried to assault her. we've posted more of the surveillance video, as well >> mark:happening today. a 17-year-old boy accused of kidnapping and raping a pizza delivery driver in the east bay is scheduled to appear in court for a preliminary hearing. darrion miles junior is charged with kidnapping and driver in antioch back in february. the d-a's office is charging him as an adult. police say he forced the delivery driver into her car at gunpoint, then drove
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with her to a different location and raped her. after he let her go, she immediately called police. miles was arrested later that day. police say the gun may have been a replica, but the victim believed it was real. miles has pleaded not guilty to the charges. >> darya:family and friends of the mother and young daughter killed by a suspected drunk driver in livermore are saying their final goodbyes. there was a ceremony last night in seaside. where the victims lived. two caskets were brought into the saint francisco xavier parish for 40-year- old esperanza morales and her 14-month-old daughter. they died standing on a "a lot of pain in our hearts still and i can't even sleep yet, you know because we are still thinking and thinkingit's too hard for their funeral will be held in mexico later this month. >> darya:and the man
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arrested in connection with that deadly crash is 35- year old brian jones. he was in court last week. but his arraignment was postposed until may 22nd. the district attorney has yet to file formal charges against him and jones is currently out on bail. but. those charges could come later this week. >> mark:happening today. the amgen tour of california is in the bay area. it starts in san jose and heads towards livermore. >> reporter: >> reporter: the grueling workout even before the 102 mi. of stage three. they have the platform is ready to go small armies res was in back and forth they shut down this place we expect the bicyclist racers to be here runs 945. of course yesterday is leader will be here with the old teacher as well whats going on at the
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various a community center officials are will be at 1045 in the morning a show you a video of years past very popular san jose did just like the engine to are they love that in 10 years san jose has been a part of it every year that is being stage a three door about traffic problems. san jose is learned from previous years this year's race will be on the outskirts of san jose. on county roads and and talk to a livermore as well. rule areas that will not impact traffic to badly. it was by once they get by that location traffic will be open. not too bad. >> reporter: come along the route and all the free for you if you find parking on side streets the really want a shallow $15 there is a place you can go to end what shall get to the end of the race should take five
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hours or so altogether 724 mi. and spent eight days i don't often drive 724 mi. this was upheld in more than a week. and we will try to get reaction from those bicyclist. >> mark:police are also warning highway 84 in livermore. the tour will be skirting the southwest part of town around mid-day today. the race will turn off of highway 84 onto holmes street, then onto concannon to south livermore avenue. livermore police say road closures will be in affect between 11 a-m until about noon. some roads might take longer than expected to reopen so police say drivers should use alternative routes. as possible. >> darya:big news this morning. a massive punishment for new tom brady. without pay for 4 games for violating the league's policy. now known as deflate-gate. here's video of brady
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celebrating with his family bowl win in february. as andrew spencer shows us, like the team itself, patriots fans are standing by their man. >> reporter:fans worry, with tom brady suspended for four games, the new england patriots could start the season by raising their championship banner without their super bowl m-v-p. "you can't unveil the banner without brady being there. you can't do it." "i don't want to see a >> reporter:patriots fans criticized the league on twitter, using the hashtag no-brady-no-banner. others showed their support by buying jerseys, making it clear they don't think any less of tom brady. "no. he's the greatest of all time. are you kidding >> reporter:.and that they think the long. "i think it's too much." "it's a little bit excessive." "i think it's excessive, and about it." >> reporter:the wells report
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found brady was likely "at least generally aware" of the "inappropriate activities" of locker room attendant jim mcnally and equipment assistant john jastremski -- both of whom have been suspended without pay indefinitely since may 6. the team itself faces a one- million-dollar fine and the loss of its first round draft pick next year. the patriots have called the sanctions unreasonable. in a statement, tom brady's agent called his suspension ridiculous, saying there's no evidence brady directed staff to deflate footballs before the a-f-c championship game. .and he says he plans to appeal. i'm andrew spencer >> darya:we'll get gary radnich's reaction to the suspension and whether he thinks it will stick. coming up in about 30 minutes. morning news. as the tornados wind down. the mid west must now begin the clean up process. a look at the massive task
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ahead for one texas town. and new video taken during that massive quake in nepal. an update when the kron 4 morning news returns in just 90 seconds.
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>> james: maybe bluster one freeway home wins are right now oakland 20 mi. an hour sustained winds of. who have a coming right down the pipe therefore oakland hayward how. and then they sort of them downpour fremont. this team on our sustained winds of the 16th fairfield's 12th livermore. strong winds there and along the peninsula coastline 17
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eleanor once said a. pretty impressive what it looks like on flag out there. as you head out the door and of course of this of this afternoon temperatures mild 49 seconds as the right now 51 oakland. its bread 50s and east bay opera 40 san jose for. nine right now a chilly start in the south bay. temperatures start out mycenaean time bay area wide 50s by the bay. they expect low 60s and lined up for sixties to low 70's by three this afternoon. in the wind really that will steal the headline for your. with us what will notice the most cowlick we did that yesterday at. seven there on the bay forecast extended all look. there is a really the only point on the senate about look at straw and my attention a storm system that could bring us rain. pour >> james: of an inch to 1/3 of an inch high as early prediction right now and then will refine that as information comes and. the traffic would have on the ropes. >> george: no hot spots
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currently, bad news is the bay bridge dried is worse than it looks. you might think by these open cash plays a here on this side of the toll plaza light and easy ride but indeed it is not. sally back of the macarthur made a pretty good indicator of the 88 approach here is a back up and the drive times now all 28 minutes from highway 24 even all longer than that to get you into severances go from the east bay. to get you in the san mateo cut across the san mateo bridge out of hayward. that will take you about 20 to 26 minutes depending on where you get on highway 92. the coming out of here wordy all 26 of those to get this over said mattel. to get in the marin county heading from san francisco no delays across the span. same is true from although gray down to the toll plaza. we have the usual slowing in marin from
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navarro center fell. the also have the usual slowing here are average man with heavy traffic now on the approach to the toll plaza drive time of 1214 minutes out of richmond. heading in the center filed. more in the east bay now the right on 68 s southbound direction of how. ship time here is a 15 minutes from 242680. >> george: 15-18 minutes to san ramon. that too bad override. short ton of all to what are the dublin interchange and the software free my the drive 30 minutes if some congestion with no unusual delays because of the incidents. >> michelle: the latest on nepal earthquakes. new video emerging this morning. this first one was on a nepal parliament. piquancy sworn dress in the chamber the camera also shaking. and
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everyone confused leaving their seats quickly running out to find a safe spot. show you another one on instagram this one was taken indicate road katmandu. people fill the streets after. the after cars everywhere in tenths of the nearby and running across the road you. conceive so many people in that area. one more from the effects of the earthquake are across canada and just north of katmandu. the agency the rocks tumbling down of the landslide their runs through the isolated area and not sure if anyone was hurt by the rocks tumbling down the mountain. soccer star and donating $8 million to the nepal earthquake. we the lid is on the local haulers click on our newscasts. on kron 4 kron-4-dot-com. >> darya:
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>> mark: resource for such will solve victory live on her all the two-year tx tradition of some prosecutor questioned one woman thousands and not charge is a to the face the death after be convicted of publishing groups >> darya:happening today. having a public hearing on the city's proposed budget and the vision zero program. eliminate traffic deaths and public safety and restoring city services are the top priorities in the budget. it also addresses police staffing issues, expands the community service officer program, restores library hours, and commits funding
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>> mark:also happening today. the berkeley city council is considering some changes to the city's municipal code. council members are considering a new ordinance that would require notice with every cell phone sale or lease that warns customers to maintain a minimum separation between their bodies and phones. the city council is also considering several new requirements for tobacco retailers regarding electronic cigarettes sales tonight. >> darya: does it begin to rebuild the es three tornado killed two people. got a third of the city of tarsus a. as randall explains they are ready for recovery. >> reporter: work nonstop pyrenees texas after deadly of three tornado went through the small town high living behind the excess of a trail of damage. it will be some time before this town is back to normal.
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dramatic glimpse of moments before a deadly tornado. sirens blared giving people in that tx mere minutes and take shelter. daylight revealed the destruction. how this is what it looks like after e.f. 3 tournedos strikes. housing everything in its path dreaded to pieces. "loud the only thing i can think of a jet engine right above your head we couldn't open your eyes because there's so much dust in south" >> reporter: 51 speed hundred 50 m.p.h.. all a tornado took much of this texas city people are ready to rebuild. "pork knuckles from neighboring counties in this across the state has
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been a tremendous" >> reporter: of a broader weekend weather system going to the middle of the country. 70 tornadoes were spotted. >> reporter: 10 people missing and in texas. but let's let the tories on this vital few people leaving the final death toll at two. >> mark: starbucks employees are jumping on the opportunity education. there are currently 22- enrolled in arizona state university's online program and another 18-hundred employees have applied. starbucks started offering tuition reimbursement for a- s-u's online program last year, but it started as a two-year program. last month, the company announced workers could be reimbursed for four years of tuition. to qualify. employees have to work at least 20 hours a week, and they can't already have a college degree. employees can pick any
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program they want, and they don't have to stay with starbucks after they graduate. up next on the kron 4 morning news. >> darya: a report says that the raid that killed osama bin laden was a fabrication. what the white house says about the claims.
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>> darya:the white house is aggressively disputing a report that says the obama administration lied about details related to the killing of osama bin laden. report and the government's response. >> reporter:it had been 10 years since the attacks of 9/11. terror" had so-far failed to turn over its primary target. "tonight i can report to the world that the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden, the leader of al qaeda he'd been taken out according to president obama, by a small group of us navy seals the cia had traced one of bin laden's couriers to a compound in the pakistani city of abottabad .and believed he was hiding there arriving by helicopter in the middle of the night, the seals had ambushed the compound. a firefight ensued and bin laden was killed. both the u.s. and pakistan
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claimed at the time that pakistani authorities knew nothing about the raid in advance. pakistan - called it illegal. but now, president obama accused of lying about the operation. renowned investigative journalist seymour hersh claims in a new report that pakistani authorities had been holding bin laden prisoner in abottabad for five years funded by saudi arabia. he says the us embassy in off from a former pakistani intelligence officer, and this information led the cia to abottabad. speaking to cnn, hersh said the pakistani military eventually agreed assassination. "they didn't have much choice. we can cut off our supply of arms and money under the table to the generals and we did so we put a lot of pressure on them and they worked with us -- of course they worked with us. the alternative is you want to believe what i call a lewis caroll fairy
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tale that bin laden the most hunted man since 2002 in the world decides the one safe place to live is in a compound 40 miles from the main capital of pakistan." >> reporter:hersh also claims bin laden's body was not buried at sea but instead some body parts tossed out of a helicopter over the hindu kush mountains. hersh's account is based primarily on the account of one retired senior us intelligence official. and he's now facing a backlash. the white house says the report is all wrong.saying in a statement: 'there are too many inaccuracies and baseless assertions in this piece to fact check each one. nevertheless, the notion that the operation that killed osama bin laden was anything but a unilateral u.s. mission is patently false.' the operation, it says, was a u.s. one "through and hala gorani cnn london
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again. he found so many people behaving badly. he needed >> mark:this coming sunday. stanley catches drivers putting your children atsee what drivers are doing on a people behaving badly special. the second episode of "the more problems at the bay again surfacing about the integrity of the new span.
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>> james: blends and san fransico going to be one of places on the bay hills to the strongest just talking with us up to 30 mi. an hour later on this afternoonarea location gusts in the load mid-20s. be awfully windy and off the prison up this morning as you see here in this live shot from. more on wednesday, the full forecast in 15 minutes. temperatures at the moment san francisco's school. it feels cooler than that because of the wind chill of the. one oakland also in san jose upper '40's and the south bay. over the east bay is a mix of 48 for vallejo fairfield. these bay itself is looking okay with low 50s expect those to bichirs are gradually warmed to highs this afternoon. those in detail coming up an awful check in 15 minutes. >> george: tracking hot
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spots now and the right leading north of downtown san jose. both 87 interstate 280. the problems here for 87 northbound complicated the northbound to 80 rye. two things going on first a car fire northbound on the guadalupe parkway at taylor. an accident northbound to 80 and highway 17. so because of the slow traffic here that back up to 80. and the rest of the right out toward highway 7 seeing got jammed up. that's why we're now looking at a 32 minute trip time for this ride i retort cupertino on 280 in the northbound direction. the 34 minute drive time for west valley freeway the ride on 85 north. at the bridge is the bay bridge solidly backed up in the macarthur missed. now up to 30 minute drive times for westbound ride. your trip to the san mateo bridge wind advisory in place a.
7:32 am
valencia of slow traffic as well also at the golden gate bridge like easy ride windy as you can see the flag. that's where there is headwind adviser at the san mateo bridge. veteran bridge, near interstate 580 westbound now backed up so the richmond parkway. bringing drive times of 41214 minutes in the center cell. >> mark: this be over repair bill sends a mechanic to the hospital. and customer behind bars. >> reporter: sex and the mechanic didn't expect this kind of accident. very unfortunate. police say this customer ran over the crack with his car after an argument over repair bill. "charge when out of the tiny one also of the deadly weapon and probation violation" >> reporter: reportedly
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argued over the repair bill will mechanic started from the carter team from leaving this is the pilot. >> reporter: the mechanical the car and dragged him a short distance. the mechanics and with its emergency room for broken bones on the men's himself business partner is still stunned. "see what the outcome will from the investigation will be" suspect >> reporter: 0 and raymond for this week. >> mark: a candlelight vigil for a car crash on saturday night night at christopher high school for 15-year-old natalia salcito. she was killed after the car tree on miller avenue in gilroy. hundreds of people gathered to remember her. two other teenagers who were in the car. survived. police say it is unlikely
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involved in the crash. >> darya:while the historic some celebrities have perfectly green yards. and that has led to a phenomenon from the air you can see this estate with a beautiful lawn, and right next door there nothing but patched dirt. none other than kim kardashian and kanye west own the lush property. and they are joined by the likes of jennifer lopez and barbara streisand. who all have sprawling green lawns. experts say, california reservoirs have less than a year's worth of drinking water left. but you would not know it by looking at some celebrity landscaping. "restrictions a metaphor for everyone runs above the law and celebrities" spokespeople for streisand say, she has cut down her water usage by more than 50- percent in the last several months.
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and kim kardashian's people say. she has no problem letting her lawn go brown. though she has not done so yet. the authors of a bill aimed at boosting school immunization rates in california have cut a reporting requirement in the bill in order to fast-track the proposal. >> mark:the authors say they removed a requirement for schools to notify parents about the senate appropriations committee and avoid another hearing. the full senate could vote on the bill as early as this the authors say they made the change to keep the bill's focus on eliminating religious and personal belief exemptions. 'medical freedom is a human right.' that was the battle cry in san jose monday. it was a protest against legislation that would make immunizations mandatory. for all public and private school children in california. about 50 people, many of them with their children, demonstrated outside state senator jim beall's office. on bascom avenue, urging the lawmaker to vote against s-b 277. they say the measure will deprive their kids of access
7:36 am
to public education. "nothing anyone should be forced to vaccinate fully their children. all this had a reaction and i can't put into that again compiler children to that again a fossil companies are no i malone there's no accountability for everything and that's face pool system misery vamps to have safe vaccines" >> mark: senate later this week the legislation has been amended to 'grandfather in' some children whose parents have claimed the so called 'personal belief exemption.' >> darya: will see what gerry thinks about them with
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keeping up the momentum. live look with the traffic at the approach to the bay bridge a little better vote way address some sort of
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>> george: problem wont 87 northbound a car fire at taylor how. paxton northbound to 80 highway 17 to conspiring together to jam up that northbound to 80
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try to time of the cupertino now up to 35 minutes and check the rest of the hot spots traffic coming up. in the meantime traffic any time with the kron 4 mobile app free for apple and drug of. >> michelle: new videos are merging this morning how this first one happening as the quake was in progress the ground is shaking and a large tree right behind swaying back and forth a woman in the front the can see right there wiping some tears away some people also waiting out as the earthquake hits the nepal region show you another video of people running outside video from the katmandu airport chaotic loud people running to safety of voting outside as quickly as possible one more picture of people setting up tents outside an open area because too afraid. to afraid. the steering more
7:41 am
aftershocks in the area. it will bring either the latest on the earth close all morning long and on kron-4- dot-com. >> james: 0 track of the weather coming up and temperatures in the north bay how tall all the parts of they this morning a shot north bay 67 center rows of 58 and sonoma when the full trial forecast by talking up the wins and chance for rain.
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>> darya: recomposed the gel the did what they always had done. really >> gary: think it's as level as this. the brass player and best player is not shooting well. then it will be tough and courage is time when eight minutes without taking a shot on sight and began again as up with 33 points. >> darya: lot of pressure you're right but what on the flip side or the common with a face mask did very poorly and there's your example any plays poorly they did not do well. samlet thing with curry. >> gary: 1 get technical
7:45 am
warriors gang up inside. mesa's big guys surrounded pretty good. they did this should outside shops. they could not and. >> darya: and 5] oracle tomorrow night. >> darya: the sporting hear what you're thinking as i fully digested the punishment against my. forgave suspension which allows 2 million zero million for the patriots and then the draft picks what you think. >> gary: when you have for game suspension for marijuana use now you've if indeed boy this thing broke down they circumvented the rules was the real this wasn't just the first time he did it. but the integrity of the game because the supply get it and say they
7:46 am
came down hard with a page it's ok messing with integrity but it seems so all over the board. out and we are about integrity then really raise rice slamming his fiancee in the elevator did see game suspension. >> gary: rice and so this violence against women had not happened they many would of been more lenient. people looking at the lead saying he's got a problem there with integrity and work in a lecture even the no. 1 guy in a way give a dozen by an illegal act for now have until. >> darya: just wonder so tom has a pay. >> gary: that ought to get
7:47 am
thomas as a whole thing. in thing so they appeal and maybe get said not down the three or even to. >> darya: is all over the board. >> darya: look at the vikings' appealable to messing with them what to do don't heed the ball & second offense but so all over the board i feel like the nfl can't seem to get right punish the crime what happens with it a the time beating or girlfriend. >> gary: and adolescents that hate depew it really penalize some money immediately in the playoffs not wait till next year.
7:48 am
takes time to have the guy investigate. either way to games for dance anything over that i think would be too much sending a message that pay high just can't mess with the ball. >> gary: and police looks so bad and so on disciplines right now rise to remember before the video surface hill at two games time it's for he gets to them with just tom's agent says laventhol has a history of getting punishment's wrong and getting them overturned and that's what happened a rate rise and said a lawyer been forever then rise appealed sorry ok we mess up.
7:49 am
>> darya: fromdeflate-gate. how much money and public funds chris christie's spends the are giants play between the jets and giants then already games he went to but in two seasons 0.1021 and spent $82,000 on concessions. cut >> gary: including chess tradition that it's that's the thing that caught many of these ventures is and some concessions at understand this is business official business picture is a nice about sampling wine is not like the $80 $2,000 the b-2 years so justin giants of the play that it
7:50 am
was 32 games before when the raiders a chance in over two years his living well even say the tax dollars are helping to support the less her want on the hill that your taxes going up like that for a guy e. bus discussing effect sinai is the ring from the giants the monday homer as a lot of ignorance unspeak as and the pitcher bobby evans now the general manager. we had him on yesterday. >> gary: 11:00 at night the blue jays had just flown in from toronto larry baer the crews said hey what meat is
7:51 am
all my so it went over to st. francis hotel ago already in the lobby. >> darya: now i do feel good about it and had as locker as their plan is monday. the the theory is no big
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>> george: mcmath amaze has an accent westbound interstate 580 in the heart of the maze right before the turnoff for the east shore freeway that's back to the traffic. on a highly 24 tries time up to 30 minutes for the west on ride. on highway 24 in the san francisco. he saw the senses with the censors just updating showing red. renault and the hospital for. and yourself. shall
7:55 am
come to court to 8851 01 sent the 17. the problems here were the car fire northbound the guadalupe parkway exit north to 80 highway 17 this is now a 34 minute trip time out to cupertino interstate 28 in northbound direction. their ride to the bay bridge in which should yield back up in the maze so even though it looks alike commute is not even the 8 e approaches back up over a westbound lanes. he lied to the san the tail bridge again about 31 metric time out of hayward heading across the san mateo. about him as less just to get across the bridge the golden gate bridges problem free ride in the commute as a surprise is the usual slowing between. the bottle and center between quickly from the richmond bridge toll plaza shows the backup that tells a story slow the from before castro of the 14 minute trip time in the center fell. >> james: we start off with
7:56 am
his quick look at our live when speed map with a like right now. strong winds out in the delta 60 mellon hour winds going to fairfield's 21 in oakland 15 hayward. todd livermore valley oakland right now see our strongest and the moment with us later on today. what really draws attention and which are hollowing but they have been for the past couple this. live you outside embarcadero camera san francisco is unfair is there at work and of looking start step but said he see the wind and billy gets stronger today temperatures at the moment 57 cisco that slightly more of vest one in oakland 40¢ and as a last check 47 warm up a couple of degrees. the statute inland communities to warmup the upper 60s the low '70's anywhere from 6771 for the north bay to me to least a 77 to 70 degrees in the south bay. looking forward
7:57 am
we have a system toward north couple that will work away down the california coastline. giving us the shot of rain. with the dec. 0 on thursday and a quarter of an inch the third of an inch possibility of some afternoon thunder lagging as well. from watching that very carefully to the tune here kron 4 now back to the this. >> mark: with the latest video of nepal where earthquakes of the rocky himalayas' all morning death toll rising from these two earthquakes is details ahead as kron 4 more news returns in two minutes
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>>james: the ones sitting up above 20 moscow or sustain a lot of the bay area gus will be around 20 oakland that a steady right through the golden gate bridge and write down the east bayshore like you to see diminishes by a word and more so as to head down for fremont oakland and getting the brunt of it. their fears seven out of half moon bay will only get one year as head of the afternoon here is the camera looking at
8:01 am
the east bay forecast today things alaska began to clear our allies to pursue the valley locations the noontime for temperatures will be in the mid- 60s at that point a digital 3:00 in the afternoon you want to low seventies but it will be stuck tough to feel that your skin the winds blowing around that ride the wind chill into play the when sustained five to 15 on average but destined about 20 at times that we are expecting for the east bay i will be back with a complete check of the forecast i will leave you just a quick live look at current temperature is right now pressing a maximum of 40 to low 50s stick around for that now will be back with the extended outlook talk more about the rain chance this coming thursday. >>george: report of the accident was the wrong just passed your
8:02 am
boy not island traffic is not only jamb getting to bridge but also getting jammed across the bridge the drive times or pushing well over 35 minutes as it is the highway 24 is backing up now if also in the south bay will continue to track big delays 42808785 and 1 01 first there were problems here northbound on the guadalupe parkway ninth with of fire at taylor and then the accident or about 280 and highway 17 south the drive times are just getting jammed you concede if we can calculate one of them 33 minutes from the 101 to the 280 ride north down and look at this now nearly 40 minutes south out to cupertino on interstate to 85
8:03 am
for that northbound trip you can see just how slowly things are fair to bay bridge with the accident reporting westbound at mid span and you're ride to the san mateo bridge jammed up this morning 30 minutes out of hayward had over tore san mateo the golden gate bridge that is an easy trip with no surprises for the marin commute in the richmond bridge westbound interstate 580 and a nice alternative to bay bridge this morning. >>mark:, the major earthquake hit in nepal and a tough sell freely keeps rising to. it is a shortage of people are dead and more than a thousand people are injured officials expect the death toll to rise in the video you say
8:04 am
>>darya: would have been told a number of building has completely collapsed. >>darya: into the landslide in that is the one that they refer to the right hand side one person at and there would was killed and three were injured and two houses collapsed in that area as well the death toll on less than the more than 8000 from the neck with a cut was effective at the center of the no earthquakes loss of a mile east of katmandu many buildings were destroyed in the first earthquake stay with us
8:05 am
throughout the morning will follow the latest video new images new information coming from nepal will bring the to be is soon as we get it here and update now on whether aquino's aware following. >>darya: the have arrested a second suspect in connection with the shooting and a soap nedda uc santa barbara campus to young man who are you as you see as the students for santa barbara. >>darya: another person was also said one of the victims was arrested on after this by investigators said another man checked was up into a hospital to be treated for injuries this morning and he has since been arrested. the shooting comes less than two weeks before the one-year anniversary of the island is the rampage on may 23rd of last year he killed six people and injured 14 before
8:06 am
killing himself he staff three suitors to death and a live shot three other students to prevent the miller from the bay area people to the bill outlining the attack saying it was revenge for social rejection he had a history of mental health issues happen today starting in san jose and just the the more we have more today's race. >>will tran: it will start at 1045 this morning to have hours will have the razors come out here this is stayed three 102 mi. should not be too bad san jose this is a sense yet of san jose has participated only sit back and say we've been through the whole process will world which have a problem because most on county roads this is a
8:07 am
big deal big money and we're one of the boots and the sponsors this is not >>: if it arise anywhere from $500 to will have of the air around a thousand as a lot more product that will make a little bit more efficient to ride also so that will last a long time i think people are looking for alternative sports and have heard people say spikelet is a new golf is something i feel as a lifelong sport some to the is with your help and is also social at the same time we have
8:08 am
a few were different options here starting with the court is for some brands if this actually shows power shows a sustained effort on the bike was one of the best ways to measure their range and where from a hundred dollars all the way out to 12 on the dollar's we are here we will talk to more sponsors and they take this seriously jelly belly passport beans will check back
8:09 am
will follow the latest the one from police about highway 84 in livermore. >>mark: it would turn off highway is for the home st. and then to south livermore avenue still it will be some real close about 11 to known a some rose to close a little bit later as the racers go through >>darya:. still ahead scary moment for passengers on the plane then it's an emergency landing will show you what the landing coming up. the number of deaths linked to the faulty john magnuson is rising again after the break we would tell you how many have been killed due to faulty switch is of gm.
8:10 am
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powerful allergy relief, now in a tablet that starts dissolving instantly. zyrtec® dissolve tabs. muddle no more™.
8:13 am
>>george: track and yet another hot spot in san francisco you're looking at live pictures of a bus that goes on the shoulder of one 01 southbound in san francisco part of the north in a hospital clerk at the vermont street the bus was apparently on fire there was a lot of smoke come from the engine compartment and career of the bus that appear to be gone now knows all the people that have been evacuated from the bus and are standing by on the right- hand shoulder and his associates he has just arrived on scene if this is slowing ride through the city from the upper deck also affecting the northbound ride into san francisco as well, i will have an update on this and the rest of the hot spots when the kron 4 morning news continues.
8:14 am
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>>george: with this bus that was apparently on fire there is a lot of smoke coming from the back of the engine compartment where you can now see the san francisco fire department crews has just pulled up to the same and are investigating the source of that smoke as this appears to be a commuter bus and you to see
8:17 am
a lot of people were evacuated from it they're standing by now on the shoulder and situations like this which is usually done we do not know whom ever and there is that much smoke there may be something wrong with his boss and a could be doubtful under its own power here is the location of the incident and is right here at the vermont street for which is right in the middle of hospital curb on 101 in the southbound direction with already had slowed traffic across the upper deck of the bay bridge was bound into the sitting follow that because of
8:18 am
an accident occurred here in the heart of the macarthur maze 580 west down at 80 east tournament and the drive times are jumping through the roof the lash and they're over 35 minutes for the west arrived from highway 24 will continue to track major delays in the south they always had earlier come into this on both 280 and highway 87 in the northbound direction that is the recall the fact that a turn this drive times into a 35 minute commute in this drive times into a 42 minute trip on 85 task out to cupertino. >>george: it is a look at the bay bridge back up because a lot of the traffic is in the manger do not see as much of it here it is low san mateo bridge has been no picnic were still looking a 28 minute drive times out of hayward adding toward san mateo
8:19 am
the golden gate bridge typically problem free no delays a surprise for the marines arrived in the richmond rescue slightly now about attend a 12 minute drive times into san rebel getting out of richmond as a over to the weather center >>james: in the east bay as some of the strongest piece we've seen around the bay area will have 60 mi. an hour sustained winds and fairfield 77 oakland it was a 20 to 23 area just the last five minutes have sustained winds bees began to jump on the peninsula coastline in the shoreline 20 mi. an hour sustained winds 20 as well in redwood city things are beginning to pick up in terms of the wind and it will continue to get higher and higher here is what they're estimating as his to the afternoon hours by 9:00 a.m. were looking at wednesday still be gusting to 20 in the areas that are in blue. off >>james: we invest the clock
8:20 am
to an unknown time to 34 clock it goes bay area wide will stay with you through your evening commute was happening right now? the breeze in san francisco with trees and black temperatures at the moment are mild 51 in this city 54 oakland 53 in san jose it will warm up to levels that will be in the low 60s and the south bank san jose as the sec a close look at that we're seeing it would checkable to low 60s and noontime everyone else will be in the upper sixties to low seven is in the east bay of the '60s 07 is in the north bay 59 san francisco 64 in oakland here is the long-range forecast thursday look at that panel that is where we might have the chance for some rain and maybe even an afternoon thunderstorm state-owned will keep you updated as we get closer to it. >>mark: the number of people who
8:21 am
died in connection with the faulty ignition switch from general motors is now reached 400 or more poor once estimated the response 13 deaths that of the release today by at the compensation for victims they admitted it delayed issuing a rep call for nearly a decade of the problems with the ignition switch was first discovered another 37 deadly accident was still being reviewed to see a doubling to the failed ignition switch in was the ignition switch to the off position what people were driving we have new video of a plane making an emergency landing at los as international airport take a look at this united express jet operated by skywest airlines it is landing in los angeles will have to the landing gear not working. >>darya: watch this landing gear
8:22 am
was not fully dropping down but the pilot managed to make a pretty smooth because in the smoke trailing on the left-hand side skidding on the runway. . no one was hurt everyone got of safely than looking into a mechanical problem now. >>mark: there were worth $50 billion raising more funds that will buy you the company a 50 billion is a they're attracting so much and investors one and they are also looking at a rented out beyond ride share and pick coming up one to show you how an east bay couple manages to conserve so much water and a store you all seats only on kron 4.
8:23 am
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>>mark: she gave was a close look of how her water savings system works in this morning my kron 4 story. if you and your
8:26 am
family are making it on how many gallons a day day >>: 26 gal. of water per day. >>reporter: that is all that is use an oakland at this home. we are able to take this allows us to collect the rents water takes about a gallon in have to flush it. the water from cook the
8:27 am
noodles is sitting here as i know wants to put in a garden this is fine for pushing toilet. i did not leave the water running but it is water and i turned off between this time i put it in iraq but were looking at here is the gutter is connected to the storm drain system this building right here and dries on the right hand side. this would is little holes
8:28 am
on his views and her hone for water conservation for the past five years imagine how surprised she was to receive a notice from east bay mud telling them she had to reduce water usage this should relax a conservative to 5% i said well as rebel we are ready conservative there's no way to insert any more was expected to be doing an education program for them. this is great information people could make a big difference imagined as everyone said this 20 gal. a day for what they're using now multiplied that time's partisan thousand people. >>mark: after she reached out
8:29 am
was the yellow star you like us to look into some major item on our web site.
8:30 am
8:31 am
>>darya: another massive earthquake hitting the area as 7.3 that headed the mount everest's base camp is in the pictures coming into the news room to see all the damage done it comes less than three weeks after the 7.8 magnitude quake that rocked the same area killing more than a thousand people. >>mark: we have a hot spot with the latest development in san francisco is here in san francisco that we've been tracking this bus fire on one 01 southbound and remonstrate right in the heart of hospital curb the good news is for the passengers and leaks that or on board the bus they manage to get a back of the call of there and all the passengers that evacuated from the incident was have boarded the other one and
8:32 am
they should be are there soon. >>george: the strike cruiser with the first bust that may have caught fire the second look at the camera and nellie it back the map of the labatt here in san francisco 101 southbound and sadly now look at what has happened to traffic which is jammed in bonn on the central freeway and along the skyway has now met up with the slow traffic all the way across the span from the bay bridge and then because of the early recovery accident here in the macarthur maze look at how this each your freeway interstate 580 and highway 24 all jammed up we're now looking at over a 36 minute drive times from highway
8:33 am
24 and to the bay bridge what should a person do this morning check the great circle route over to interstate 580 will take a look at that in a moment of course there is one of so traffic on the nimitz freeway northbound and southbound and the ride through the south bay jammed up because of early recovery problems with a tracking now 35 minute drive times on 28047 minute drive times on 85. >>george: 46 to 48 minutes on 101 and the northbound direction the bay bridge as we told you solidly backed up on all of the approaches the golden gate bridge is a light and easy ride in the southbound direction. it might even be a
8:34 am
better option would show the chip time into center fell as the to the weather center. >>james: as we have guessed a condition set up for this afternoon right now we're seeing sustained winds on the strong side 70 mi. an hour sustained winds 18 out of half moon bay gusty along a peninsula coastline and 20 in redwood city they will increase as his of the afternoon the live look from the east bay camera this the shut out toward the creek where off to a nice clear star although it is cool and spots a said down to the south they give you a quick look at the daytime forecast the next 30 minutes were looking memos to clear conditions mild to start with temperatures and the low 50s by noontime sun is guys the breeze will begin to pick up more at that point as we head into the
8:35 am
1:00 to 5:00 range we put the 3:00 p.m. the windsor on to the gusty perry >>james: i will leave you just as quickly as temperatures i will be back in 15 minutes to look at the forecast an extended outlook. >>mark: there was a ceremony last night were the victims lived to caskets for broad consensus goes xavier peres for for your esperanto paralysis and her 41 fog--14 month old baby. >>mark: men arrested in connection was 35 your brian jones he was a court last week with his arraignment was postponed may 22nd the d.a. has yet to file formal charges against him in his out on bail those charges could come later on this week.
8:36 am
>>darya: a south bay man arrested of suspicion of stock in an attack on a 13 year-old girl is due in court third when year-old mohammed is a suspect in two cases police said he also followed a 28 year-old into a public bathroom and tried to assault her. it is of four and suspension for tom brady five days after the nfl investigate reported that it was " more probable than not that the patriots broke throws a hand on the punishment he was banned for four games.
8:37 am
>>mark: the also indefinitely suspended and to equipment staffers will carry out the plan at an net loss essential and credible evidence that he knew the employes were deflating footballs. this is fighting for game suspension. >>mark: golden state is snapping a two game skid and beat the memphis grizzlies. yes or 21 of the started three points in the first half was 01 to 84 warriors with the final now with this
8:38 am
every side of game 5 is or orange marmite at 730 game 6 is fighting back in memphis and seven if necessary is scheduled for or call on sunday. after getting a free copy spelling it on himself and trying to sue starbucks to the burn but what to tell you hold enough to allow the jury says is to blame paulo garden breadsticks are an addiction now there are new sandwich store cuomos are posing as the fbi in sticky or people smart phones and viruses next will tell you how to prevent this from happening to you.
8:39 am
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>>mark: the olive garden saying
8:42 am
they are taking the bread sticks and making them leiter the senators also come with a limited supply of black bread sticks >>george: another lame block in san francisco won 01 southbound right in the heart of hospital curb passengers evacuated from this bus have been taken away with a still have to deal with the bus traffic backed up on to the upper deck of the westbound bay bridge i will update this and the rest of the hot spots when the kron 4 morning news returns.
8:43 am
8:44 am
>>mark: another huge earthquake hit nepal this one is 7.3 cent
8:45 am
to the amount at this base camp the death toll from today's quake is at 42 and over a thousand injured there were six others who over four. of the earthquakes come less than less than three weeks after the 7.8 earthquake that hit that killed more than a thousand people and injured over 16,000. but continue to track hot spots and in san francisco now that the passengers of this bus have been offloaded and transfer to another bus that not prepared to start to tollway this bus that may have caught fire at least partially south about 1 01 write
8:46 am
at hospital curb this is opposite have been jamming of the ride northbound and southbound both in and out of san francisco look at the 280 ride the 1 01 ride both of these are jammed here tried to get north into the city a big delay you're probably better off in the northbound direction to take city streets on one 01, northbound possibly even third street or at a minimum the 280 extension. >>george: no alternate routes are good ones for the approach to the bay bridge the chp had an accident that blocked most of the available land right here was down 580 interchange and because of that we are still gem on the approach to the bridge to accept a 880 approach and that is your best way in 40 minute drive time will continue to
8:47 am
track major delays for 101280 and 85 these commuters are all behind schedule even the guadalupe parkway your talking double the normal commute time with no good alternate route looking quickly at the bridges the bay bridge westbound you know the story the backed up much worse than it looks the san mateo bridge ride slowly improving the still above the 25 minute drive out of hayward to san mateo the golden gate bridge and no problems here even with a little concession south lawn a year trip into more randy the richmond bridge setback the from castro's still a 12 minute trip time into san rafael
8:48 am
>>james: half moon bay 20 mi. an hour when 16 in hayward we have the idea of redwood city is strong now and get stronger as we headed to the afternoon guest to bay area wide expected to be in the 20 to 25 mi. powertrain sentences will be the strongest at near 30 it's not at 30 mi. an hour in the south of its 67 will go 70 not bad but things will get cool and potentially wed will have the system in the pacific northwest that would dive down our direction are with
8:49 am
a is there so the timing on that wednesday night and through thursday and lasted perhaps into the first bit of friday it would get maybe accordance of a third of an inch of rain and possible thunderstorm in the afternoon were watching that very excited to get rain around the banked in a banal as we get closer to exactly what we expect to happen with it now back to the news. >>michelle apon: and following what is stranded on line have you remember the north hill on the pleas of ulcer that is slowing starbucks the verdict is in the we first brought you the story on the one in new the north carolina jury has ruled starbucks is not liable for police officers hot coffee burned this to starbucks san they pop off causing the cup to collapse. starbucks said he took more than two hours to get the burn checked that argued that i
8:50 am
did nothing wrong and how they serve the coffee after the verdict he is ready to move on >>mark: saratoga and no. 5 spot followed by clayton and no. 7 among rotted no. 8 across the city coming in the list of #nine with a population of the least and thousand people and evaluated the data from 2013 a complete list of cities a follow-up to a my store we brought you earlier this year a cat diskette from a kettle back in march is back home safe the animal's owner called after her cat named blue slipped out of
8:51 am
the door while it was staying in a kettle and it was being claimed she said that many people came forward to help her and post fliers and on friday she got a message that someone has spotted her pad in a rugged area not far from the can of he was captured and in good health and it turns of the cat had been living in the was never to have month's employees from the hilltop castle says they are happy that the cat has returned and the collar of rick accident after this all the staff met in a review of the sea its a major that they're all a lot of the case is being cleaned >>gabe slate: the message on the
8:52 am
screen says jenny to pay to gain access to get into your devise this is a growing crime cyber criminals are posing as the fbi and taking over people smart phones and viruses is on the bay area but the cattle right now so that he is the brother of a crown employee when downloading and have his and android found he picked up a nasty virus but was that the criminals to blackmail people for money the message look real and use real fbi lobos to have a real criminal code that listed out in detail the message was followed by instructions on how to make this payment to unlock the phone to repay balkhash he tried
8:53 am
everything turn the phone off tech in the battery out nothing will work he has no access to anything on this phone is completely taken over this town is a useless brick he will not pay the ransom so he remains locked out of the phone within the scare me more was that it was as ralph cuomo would not run without a phone there are a couple trip to contrive to gain back accessed after one of these ransom had if you install the rv protected against these types of cancer viruses everyone should download this type of thing to your phone it is on our web site. >>darya: now there is a way to
8:54 am
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>>darya: losing sleep can have a much bigger impact for those in emergency situations research is a loss to the state university study 26 adults half of them went 62 hours without sleep and the other half rested the adults were then tested using numbers they had to categorize over and over again after a week the group that was exhausted had almost zero success the results suggest to sleep deprivation
8:57 am
could unpacks his way to let people with emergency responders or anyone else involved in a crisis take a look at this he was born by cs section last thursday he was 25 in. long and weighed 13 lbs. 10 ounces his mom says a law of france bought the she was having twins he was so bent the bill does not do justice. as the market's drop today plus we're following another big earthquake in nepal new images coming in from the latest damage as the death toll continues to climb the jail inmates who was injured in a gas pipe explosion has died of a lot
8:58 am
more will cause the explosion ahead.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>>george: as to continue to track mentioned delays the san francisco getting into a boat when 01 and interstate 280 in the northbound direction and there was a bus fire on one 01 southbound right at the heart of hospital curb and remonstrate with this is where it occurred look at our back of the northbound ride on both 101 and interstate 280 more than doubling the normal track time heading into the city also jam of the ride was down on the upper deck of the bay bridge and adding to those delays were the problems that resulted for the
9:01 am
accident to the macarthur maze for the ride on highway 580 westbound it is the best approach to the bay bridge tie with 24 is backed of all the way to high with 13 it is not backed it is is low there from 580 looking at the heavy traffic approaching the park that the latest year as the continue to be in the south the bay where we have problems several incidents northbound on 85 or 87 and on interstate 280 this time dropping to 37 minutes this drive times just 34 minutes this drive times still nearly 50 minutes here is the bay bridge the back of filling in across the lanes over 30 minutes out of the maze and the chip to the san mateo bridge
9:02 am
>>michelle apon: looking at the peninsula in the embarcadero the winds are light less than 5 mi. our cross of the region's it is breezy and oakland from the west at 70 mi. per hour along the coast of 20 mi. hour and half monday it will continue to face to stand up to 25 mi. per hour into the afternoon off and then by the drive home and even during the time you pick up the kids from school is what to continue to be gusting the process' francisco of going to be across the peninsula timber to the team to the into the 50s just like this today if temperatures was on the course i will do it again today with a
9:03 am
when it can fill even cooler the will to talk about some great chances are big story will continue to fall another major earthquake hitting the ball and the death toll keeps rising 7.3 the head today near the mount everest base camped in a remote area northwest of the capital of nepal. >>darya: 42 people are dead and more than a thousand are injured officials do expect the death toll to arrive it to the landslide in to back what you could sit on the right-hand side of the screen one person died and three injured in that two houses also collapse on the efficacy of the people out in the streets out of the building and we're told a number of buildings completely collapsed. several aftershocks ranging from 4.0 to 6.8 such and rescue teams already searching through the wreckage looking for
9:04 am
survivors the earthquake comes less than three weeks after the deadly 7.8 earthquake that hit nepal killing more than 8000 people >>mark: on april 25th the epicenter of the new quick about 50 mi. east of the capital of kathmandu that is where many buildings were destroyed in the first earthquake stay with us to keep more information in a to get the latest for our web site was to bring the new details on the ledge before the earthquake in nepal. >>darya: a day on breaking news out of santa barbara county were seven deputies arrested the second suspect in connection with the shooting and saw that happen in the uc santa barbara campus to a young man for you see as the student were shot during a dispute at their apartment last night and another person was a salted water the victims was arrested after the fight investigators say another man connected to crime tech into a hospital to be treated for injuries this morning and has since then been arrested the
9:05 am
shooting comes less into is from the one-year anniversary of what happened and i love this the there on may 23rd of last year he killed six people and injured 14 before killing himself he's that three students to death and bailey shot three others in three victims were from the bay area he posted a you to video online same that the attack was in revenge for social rejection he had a history of mental illness. >>mark: the california and the bay area starting at san jose with the writers in the livermore will is live in san jose more of today's race. >>will tran: it is about to start 1045 is when they will kick it off a lot of people have shown up a baby in our to earlier they got his early as 5:00 in the morning you to see just how busy it is the chp is san jose police department are
9:06 am
out here this stage three were talking 102 mi. five hours should be done sometime in the afternoon and should not be too bad as they've learned from previous years san jose have done this for 10 years and the role it will be on the county roads this is a growing sport people showing up early taking the day off from school literally she is a teacher and basically she's playing hooky rises on a corn field be there? with dennis area since his banalize and ivan jointed he has
9:07 am
a clipboard and he is ready to go there is a pen and a clean sheet of paper why do you like this so much? just have fun and get a lot of free things. will be here to tell will try to get the writers we will get them in this is a great even obviously
9:08 am
san jose does not like it they love it if it is the only city that in seven of parliament from the very beginning. >>darya: coming up a president obama announcing where he plans to build his presidential library will have the location i had + three people are dead following a crash in sacramento was toy will cause the accident what aut plingp a air,a stl, a bebag,nd aualltastg r fo. we a a camy eesehatstilbelies in t beay of kni, inhe eganswip of a . . spe. coue, at dsn'tean you n't nk uor sop u up enjoy ery ngle soi-tay bi. the laugng c. inve snaing.
9:09 am
9:10 am
9:11 am
>>george: the time is 910 is to continue to track back backups at the bay bridge west bound all the traffic backed up into the macarthur maze is still trying to work this way into san francisco clearly the drive time was about out of the macarthur maze is still over 30 minutes. >>darya: new this morning at least three people are dead and the crass and sacramental that happened about 1230 this morning up interstate 80 the that the mangled mess the accident the driver of a pickup truck was on the wrong way down the highway and slammed into another car the driver of the pickup was killed in the to men and the other car were also killed this is the third stater ron will crash and sacramental and less than a month. >>michelle apon: we're talking about a chance for some-go and
9:12 am
talk about when to inspected about the bay area committed a 915
9:13 am
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9:14 am
>>george: that confirmed that they still have to use it here with the tow truck and bus that had caught fire early this morning and that is why traffic is still jammed up into and out of san francisco especially in
9:15 am
the northbound direction looked 280 back of all the which ocean geneva amid the problems here at the san jose off ramp given were that there may have been a bus accident there involving a pedestrian and of course that is a popular alternate staying on the freeway and agree with to get into the city from the western addition and beat the backup on 10 once a hospital curb to the central freeway again extremes low gear in both directions and then as well for the westbound ride into the city which is still solidly backed up through the macarthur maze where still tracking 30 + minutes drive times from highway 24 and you concede that even the 880 approach to the bridge is backed up as well back to the traffic map this time look at the slow traffic on 880 northbound and especially here in the south they were 1 01 northbound is still nearly a 50 minute drive times we're tracking 39 minutes from 85 northbound and 30 minutes for 280 in the
9:16 am
northbound direction. >>george: things are only slightly improved here 19 to 22 minutes hey were over to santa sale for the golden gate bridge no delays or problems in either direction the richmond bridge still backed up from the westbound ride in fact slowing of them started to get a little suspicious that there may be a problem just past the camera review will check on and updated for you in our next report right now is get to the weather center is michelle. >>michelle apon: web want to continue on with core temperatures for much of the day with in the valley toward me as a low to mid '70's they is daytime high into the mid '60s but it will continue to bay breezy across the east bay shoreline and the peninsula you could feel the wind speeds in the temperature cooler a live
9:17 am
look outside plenty of bright blue skies no clouds out there the sun will continue to last until the afternoon it will be the when and here is the stochastic with the wind speed you concede they're all listed the colleges see are the wind gusted to the next hour if you're crossandra sale it will be a when the 19 m.p.h. is corn to be a busy lunch hour followed by a breezy afternoon we pick up the kids from school and an even see it go when the dust into the afternoon just to cancel out their spare cylinders drive from looking at 6:00 p.m. forecast for the ones it is going to continue to stay when the to the winds would continue to stay breezing a handful of 50 is
9:18 am
widespread across the bay area but with the wins it could feel a little bit cooler south to base the mid to upper 60s as low across oakland it would seem to track calls to our area giving us a range senses as early as wednesday night lasting too much of the day on thursday come to the and early friday morning i will concede they call to the rest of the workweek by the weekend with plenty of sunshine do not forget you can download our free mobile application to check the forecast.
9:19 am
>>mark: this is better than a will time warner diller? >>rob black: this is a pretty small bill considered they will not get this bill bryson they also have a technology that uses computer to the liver or programmatic advertising. it is a 14.8 billion this year it will be $20 billion next year the rise and very wise to pick up the company very good we may laughs at aol we forget how not to the company to no mail every month was free 30 day trial this is not that company any more this a much different company. >>mark: a well as of 4250 a
9:20 am
share this is a $50 share del and we sought a will cycle of the fifth dollar mark open the to deal with a revised also my is a lot of cash. >>rob black: we need this programmatic technology we don't do very well right now >>rob black: hotel with one bedroom small 3 allows a night i was so lovely home get a hot tub a kitchen it is growing and is one to continue to grow the
9:21 am
prices go down the hotel on they're making a nice dent and never tried it is unfortunate to read this feedback >>mark: can then is expected to go with the big ipo was there were calling it the holy grail of madison the problem is we've put them in the body's immune system kills it they figured it out one of the most interesting things is that there was no that would have to billion dollars which is the large amount of financing for the tech company ever and fury of that figure
9:22 am
they ever come public no women result not for the 1218 months the best allies bought my concerns to diversify a portfolio you're investing in an if it does not go well and he wins. this complicated and
9:23 am
price. if he of a question from the computer on the page who has on the air we will be right back. my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize
9:24 am
the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
9:25 am
9:26 am
>>darya: a child has been killed by a minute train it happened san jose at lake view avenue to jackie is live at the scene. >>jackie sissel: i just got here to the scene it to see the police chief is up and the nlrb and the like a vehicle is on by milling that struck and killed a child this morning details are still unclear exactly what happened we are awaiting the fired from along with the pleas to parma to go on send it was more detail what we know is that around a 30 this morning the child was struck and pronounced dead here at the scene of the
9:27 am
accident some witnesses say that the child was with his mother at the time of the accident of the net we do not have a lot of detail we can say the whole area is corn loss as soon as we get more detail on this will pass along i can say san jose is completely shut off in this area as is lake view here in this area of san francisco to is the more intimate will pass along will have more mass or quick pitches hit nepal today the pictures of the damage ahead. to live look from the golden gate loss of sunshine but breezy and chilly out there will get details on the on the forecast on the stock stores in just two minutes when we continue
9:28 am
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it's extra thick and creamy frozen custard... ...a different kind of delicious. new from dreyer's. nestle, good food, good life.
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>>darya: hi there are several aftershocks that happened we recorded those and noted them throughout the morning and this berkeley comes less than three weeks after the big 7.8 quake that rocked the same area killing more than 8000 people >>george: and loving your was shot and killed by this new toy train this morning investigations are underway jackie is on the scene san jose avenue which is a major arterial for the inbound ride
9:31 am
and all correct but age of the victim was 12 not 11 as first reported this is a major in bonn arterial come from interstate 280 and is part of the reason why the roadway is still backed up but also still slow northbound on 101 and this is because of the early recalling bus accident at vermont to the south lawn ride to a hospital curb the continues to be jammed up this is added to the slow traffic getting into san francisco adjutancy the upper deck is extremely heavy with a still backed up into the macarthur maze and that is why the drive times are still over 30 minutes from the maze into san francisco here at the bay bridge but these were not the only hot spots where tracking live look at the ride here in the south they were we continue to have big delays 411 and 85 and even interstate 280 of the drive times improve dramatically for 101 not for 85 or where
9:32 am
still looking a 47 minute trip time getting from 85 and 101 to 85 and interstate 280 looking at the rest of the bridge for your the san mateo bridge, built still slow still 26 minutes out of hayward added over to foster cities and the sale the golden gate bridge ride completely cleared out now but they have not yet transferred over the lines and over the richmond bridge the westbound interstate 580 ride we're concerned and are less academic have been an incident was about thankfully there isn't the backed up is dissipating >>michelle apon: wins will concede to dozens of the early afternoon keep that in mind if
9:33 am
you will be out across the oakland area live look outside rather sunglasses it will stay right temperatures often to the mid fifties but with the wind is going to feel lot cooler you would need to grab rejected first thing this morning this is the ones where talking about as of right now wind speeds in oakland to 2 mi. from our ' 50 mi. our camille were talking about here rain chances. >>mark: family and friends of the mother and young daughter killed bias and don lever and livermore are saying their final goodbyes there was a ceremony last night were the victims lived to cast his or brought into the xavier peres for a 40 year-old and a 14 month old daughter to die senate on the side or visiting family in the more the general be held in
9:34 am
mexico later this month the man arrested in connection with the deadly crash the third five your was in court last week the his arraignment was postponed until may 22nd the d.a. has yet to file formal charges against him and his come out on bail of those charges could come later this week. >>darya: south men arrested on suspicion of attacking a 13 your girl is due in court third when you're mahomet to leaking is a suspect in two cases. a man followed the 13 your girl from home pushed his way into the same man followed a 28 year-old woman into a public bathroom contract to assault her. the east of a man who got lost in this year last week was too young children says he is sorry
9:35 am
he said that he was on a wise when he encountered a tree on a road near down a bill and instead of turning around to try to go around and that is when they got stuck he and his own daughter and young son will lost for several days emergency search teams went out and finally did find them he says he is sorry all all of the troubled concern because. theresa is casi; they're riding bikes and they told me that and certainly when the and it is a bit chilly but i do not think i would also want to be this person up here on the roof working in these conditions i have not seen any damage because of the wind here in this section of the east bay but
9:36 am
we're pointed out to you guys if you have seen any damage around your neighborhood to us and go into the facebook page web going to be out and about to try and see what the conditions are for you on this tuesday here in these bay. >>darya: she is being asked to cut back even more how did she manage to do this in the first place will show you a head. >>darya: he has a special coming up stanley putting drivers is only a driver's putting their kids at risk that is this sunday our people behaving that this special at 7:30 p.m..
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:39 am
>>darya: tokyo has been killed by a munich train in san
9:40 am
francisco san jose and that you have no you can see jackie is there on the same at jackie what was through what you know right now. >>jackie sissel: we do not have a lot of details but what we do know is that around a 30 this morning the two of your boy was struck and killed by an l r b on san jose avenue right now you can see that there are police along the fire officials and union officials out a gathering out the side of the accident were you concede that rv is still in place i'm going to zoom out of respect for what is going on out here is a said we did not have a lot of the total would lead up to this accident all we do know it is and have been around a 25 this morning in can the tide was trying to cross san jose avenue when he was struck and killed by that light rail vehicle by operated by communing i can tell you that
9:41 am
the medical examiner's office is out here with many officials fire officials and the san francisco police the part of are all out here right now gathering evidence that will be out there for several hours as the continue the investigation they do is shut off as san jose you're not going to be allowed to get through this neighborhood but obviously a tragic accident and there's still lots of detail the need to be explained in this accident as soon as we get the we will pass along obviously continue to check in on our web site and our facebook page will have an update as a day goes on. we do understand that the train was headed in the inbound original was to be the northbound direction will be from my right to my left is your looking at the picture right now so it is
9:42 am
unclear a way to speculate a lot of speculation going on around this area and until we get official word from either the fired a party or the police department by would be more comfortable saying right now is a tragic accident. >>jackie sissel: on clear right now at to see how far back they're keeping us right now they're not coming out to speak to was presumably the must've been people most of the time there are people on the train >>mark: we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues after this short break
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>>: my name is mary and this is my kron 4 story. >>: it looks like this and that is totally level both you and your family of one husband to of lust are making it on how many gallons a day? it is 26 gal. of water per day that is all that is used in her home in oakland tech knows because she is about to break down how she doesn't starting in the laundry room where she says a lot of water can't be saved.
9:47 am
>>: were able to take those that goes and imported into the pipe that goes to the bucket this allows us to collect the rents water last night we stand some broccoli we did not put salt on and this is a little green fifth this is perfectly fine to go put in the garden to. with of course of salt and for this is fine for the russian toilet i don't leave the water running tests but the water returned of between the time and grab them were looking at is the gutter on the edge of the roof and is connected to the storm drain
9:48 am
system this has to go down into two on the 20 gal. sister and below will show you the rain sister in that we have outside this building right here is a collage and has all the water drains on the right-hand side. there is to sister is they're both 65 gal. since this has little holes honest for a water- just pick holes in that water and land use of her own workout to this system for the past five years imagine how surprised she was to receive a notice from east bay mud telling her she had to reduce for water usage off. >>: i call them and said that is great for we are ready conserve and there is no way to conserve a more if you want anyone in your staff to find what we're doing with noted not send anyone out was expected to do an
9:49 am
education program for them fifth this is actually a great for information people can make a big difference imagine if everyone half save 20 gal. a day for what they're using now multiplied by hundred thousand people. >>mark: after she reached out to was if you have a story like us to share submit your ideas on our website at kron >>george: the metro and it occurred here on san jose avenue at lake view and and this is not to the stretch of san jose avenue that is quite so busily traveled in is not likely to have a bit of an impact on traffic coming from interstate
9:50 am
280 in san francisco but there is an investigation under way we have the san francisco police department investigators still at the same it will be tied up for some time also know that we're still backed up headed northbound into san francisco and heading westbound into the city from the upper deck is still slow all or across the span into san francisco that is why was the backed up into the macarthur maze to that is why the bay bridge is still jammed up a were clapping over 30 minutes drive times late in the to build for the westbound ride it was another nightmare commute here at the san mateo
9:51 am
bridge we still have not free of all the traffic we're attracting big delays they take away the extra lane in the southbound direction. the richmond bridge file a clearing out the back of the are no longer delays back to eight minutes now for richmond san rafael bridge. >>michelle apon: us talk more about that we can expect for today we have met 50 right now crossed and lynn and the locations just i guess their weapons with them with cold temperatures bridge conditions delayed due to the we have more sun and store. the ultimate
9:52 am
seven is it will be on the call side with the wind from the west bay locations mid-60s by the afternoon it will flood the of the '60s ride around 50. when one to continue to warm up from there will show you what we can reach this afternoon but there is a we have a chance for some rain and that is that is on to start wednesday night and thursday clearing out friday morning at with more sunshine. to download are free mobile application to look at conditions the sector was the worst from chapter 74 cast sunday at 930 ketch the second
9:53 am
episode of the back story here is a preview. >>: one of the store is aware of going outside of the film is the procession of people watching the procession as it goes through the community. is a very sensitive story in a very sad story would you be ok with been in the same type of coverage it was your brother some more data to was gunned down in a line of duty. >>mark: this sunday at 930 v is the first of the so you can test on our web site will be back in a moment. grass fed? mhmm. i'm super into health. bottled tap water? well all bottled water is the same right?
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you need crystal geyser alpine spring water. made by nature, not by man. crystal geyser alpine spring water. bottled at the mountain source.
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grass fed? mh bottled tap water? well all bottled water is the same right? you need crystal geyser alpine spring water. made by nature, not by man. crystal geyser alpine spring water. bottled at the mountain source. >>darya: hear the big stores and seven falling you need to know before you head out the door about the new earthquake and all 42 people off have died in more than a thousand are injured and 7.3 magnitude that hit this morning near the mount everest's
9:57 am
base camp and that is just three weeks after the 7.8 earthquake that killed more than a thousand people to >>mark: 12 your boy shot and killed by a train in san francisco by the train in the intersection of san jose in lake view avenue of this is video from helicopter partnership with abc seven newscasts the paramus taxes cause some delays on the ocean live. >>darya: they're heading toward a little more today a cyclical began at a barrier to committee cents at 1045 taken off highway 84 in the more back to san jose finishing at motorcycle counterparts thinking so much for joining us >>mark: you could find of this all the stories on facebook and twitter and our kron 4 mobile application.
9:58 am
kron 4 news.... i'm cadee. i' hadodere toever plue prias most of myife. buthatasn'stopd mefromodelg. my doctotolde abt stara it hel keemy sn clrer. withnly dosea ye afr 2 artedose.. ...stela® hps mbe i seon. stelar® m low youabily fig inftion and incrse yr ri ofinfeions some siousnfecons quir hoitalatio before srtinstela® youroctoshou tesfortubeulos. stela®ay ireasyouriskof ccer.
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